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American Greed

The program focuses on the stories behind some of the biggest corporate and white collar crimes in the United States such as WorldCom, HealthSouth and Tyco. In addition, stories about more common crimes such as insurance fraud, murder,...

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Season 1 - American Greed
"In this episode of American Greed, see the detailed profile of a successful con artist and the investors he left with empty bank accounts. Then go inside a $4 million dollar art heist of Maxfield Parrish masterpieces."
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"First case: The Baptist Foundation of Arizona invests and loses millions entrusted by churchgoers, and its mission ends in scandal. Then, learn how Dr. Mikos, a charming doctor with a lucrative practice, turns out to be a con artist defrauding Medicare."
"Church founder Gerald Payne called it \"divine inspiration,\" a way for the faithful to reap what they sow. Instead, he built a $500 million pyramid scheme. Profiled in Case 2: By day, he's a property manager-by night, a daring cat burglar."
Season 4 - American Greed
"The Rise and Fall of a real New Jersey Mob Family. The DeCavalcante Family."
"Short seller makes millions in trading scam using government secrets."
"Sholam Weiss, a former Rabbi, is a bold and brazen dealmaker. He's a consultant to con men and the brains behind one of the largest insurance scams in history."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
Season 5 - American Greed
"Kevin Cohen is an attorney who says he can make dreams come true for couples desperate for children. He promises babies...for a hefty price. But unknown to his trusting clients, Cohen is exploiting their hopes and dreams."
"His pitch is irresistible: Troy Titus promises to make you rich. The self-proclaimed real estate guru travels the seminar circuit. Thousands attend his lectures, buy his DVDs and invest with the man who portrays himself as a moneymaking magician. It's true to an extent...Titus makes money disappear in a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme!"
"He's a philanthropist, a diplomat, and an international man of mystery. Dr. Henry Jones promises to get investors in on a secret gold deal. But Dr. Jones is leading a double life - a life unknown even to his partners in crime."
"He's a trusted advisor. A philanthropist. Bob McLean runs a successful investment firm and donates millions to his favorite causes. But McLean has a dark, devastating secret."
"The Bling Ring - They're called The Bling Ring - a fast crowd of celebrity wannabes. This gang of teenagers robs celebrity homes. How far will they go to be like their favorite stars? The Fraudster, The Ex-Stripper and The Missing Millions - Danny Pang is a high-rolling financier who makes millions betting on when people will die. But Pang has a shady past, a gambling habit and a murdered wife."
"Fraudster of the Opera - Albert Vilar funds symphonies and operas around the world. But it's curtains for Vilar when he scams the mother of a Hollywood star. Frozen Assets: The Ice Capers - William \"Boots\" Del Biaggio III is a hockey team owner skating on thin ice. His insatiable desire to be a sports mogul drives him to commit a multimillion-dollar fraud."
"The Art of the Steal - Larry Salander is one of the biggest names in New York's art world. But collectors see red when he swipes more than $100 million from their pockets. The Folsom Felon - Stefan Wilson says his investment fund is a sure-fire winner. Investors even mortgage their homes to join his fund. But business with Wilson comes at a very high price."
"Arthur Nadel conjures a $330 million hedge fund. In the blink of an eye, he disappears and leaves clients without their life savings."
"Dr. Mark Weinberger-a self-proclaimed \"nose doctor\" - has it all and isn't afraid to flaunt it. But inside The Weinberger Sinus Clinic, all is not what it seems."
Season 6 - American Greed
"An accountant to stars mismanages clients' money, pockets millions and marries an exotic dancer. Series, Season Premiere."
"Carlos Perez-Olivo is a successful lawyer with a silver tongue and solid gold taste. But when he's disbarred for fleecing desperate clients, he finds another way to make money...and proves how greed really is a deadly sin."
"Nevin Shapiro is the conman at the center of a college football scandal. He kicked off the controversy with stunning stories of gifts to players and allegations of broken NCAA rules. Who is this man who jeopardized the future of the University of Miami's football team, and how did he steal the millions that made it all possible?"
"Van Thu Tran and her crime ring, The Tran Organization, steal millions during a cheating scheme at more than 20 casinos across North America."
"Minneapolis businessman Tom Petters buys big companies with other peoples money. He earns double-digit profits for investors, saves thousands of jobs, and makes himself rich in the process. The secret to his success? A 13-year Ponzi scheme."
"Nevin Shapiro, a former University of Miami Football booster, and a fixture on the Miami social scene, orchestrated a $900 million Ponzi scheme - and tried to bring the University football team down with him."
"Sex, lies, and insider trading. Galleon Group co-founder Raj Rajaratnam turned his hedge fund into one of the most profitable in the world, managing more than $7 billion in assets - by creating one of the biggest insider trading schemes in U.S. history."
"Viewers across the country tune in to watch a live auction show that turns out to be nothing more than con artists selling fake art. They bilk buyers out of $20 million."
"One of the nation's top homebuilders runs a multimillion-dollar scam that wreaks financial havoc on homebuyers, subcontractors, and banks. Nearly 300 homeowners face the threat of foreclosure."
"Nicholas Cosmo runs a \"pyramid of deception\" in order to steal $195 million from working-class families, who wind up losing their life savings."
"Michael Lock is a ruthless Milwaukee crime boss who bilks borrowers and lenders of $2 million, and leaves a murder trail along the way."
"Fund manager & investment adviser Shawn Merriman takes money from investors to fund a lavish lifestyle, including $4 million in fine art, antique cars, and sports memorabilia."
"In the city of brotherly love, car wrecks piled up, and auto insurance policies were treated like ATM machines. American Greed takes you inside a Philadelphia car insurance fraud ring where everybody got a piece of the action."
"Lee Farkas and co-conspirators at Taylor Bean & Whitaker misappropriate more than $2.9 billion in a fraud scheme that contributed to the failure of one of the largest U.S. banks in 2009."
"Solomon Dwek schemes to defraud financial institutions in a $50 million bank fraud scheme and goes on to become a government informant in a public- corruption and money-laundering sting that results in the arrest of dozens."
Season 7 - American Greed
"From spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes and cars to leaving thousand-dollar tips at bars, Michael Vorce is a twenty-something playboy living it up. By all appearances he makes millions selling and buying luxury yachts, which allows him to borrow millions from banks. But when the loans come due, questions float to the surface - where are all the yachts? And where is all the money?"
"Perry Griggs runs an investment fraud claiming to sell coffee futures when all he did was keep investor money. While in prison for his conviction, he starts another scam where the victims are fellow prisoners and their families, many of whom took second mortgages on their homes to fund Griggs' fraud."
"A trio of Texas con men score $100 million, telling investors there's big money in the \"life settlement\" insurance. When the fraudsters fail to pay returns and keep the money for themselves, it all comes crashing down, leaving investors' finances in critical condition."
"A trio of Texas conmen scores $100 million, telling investors there's big money in the \"life settlement\" insurance biz. They claim policy holders can cash out before they die and investors can double their money. When the fraudsters fail to pay returns and keep the money for themselves, it all comes crashing down, leaving investors' finances in critical condition."
"Melissa King is entrusted with overseeing union benefits and uses workers' retirement funds to cut herself checks. And smooth-talking ladies-man Carl Estep looks for love and money to fund his phony gold scheme."
"Jack Walsh and Charles Martin appear to be getting very rich running One World Capital's foreign currency trading brokerage until a routine audit reveals some \"irregularities\" in accounting. And one-man CPA firm Juan Carlos Rodriguez lures friends into an investment scheme that would cause financial ruin."
"Samuel \"Mouli\" Cohen starts an internet music company and fraudulently takes in $31 million from celebrities, investors, and a charity dedicated to help the poor."
"Investment fund manager Trevor Cook appears to be a local boy made good in Minneapolis, where investors think their money is going into securities, but they'll be shocked to see how Trevor and his boys blow their hard-earned savings... turning a historic mansion into a den of debauchery."
"Brooklyn investment manager Philip Barry starts the longest-running Ponzi scheme in history. And Kevin Carney says his stock trading program delivers an incredible 20 percent return, but it turns out to be a $19 million scam."
"New Age evangelist Lydia Cladek draws in two thousand victims, but the greedster doesn't have a prayer when the F.B.I. finds out about her scam. And Ronnie Gene Wilson tells his followers that the path to a secure future is paved with investment in precious metals."
"A Florida man hits it big with a $13-million lottery jackpot and, when Dee Dee Moore offers to help manage his winnings, he ends up paying a deadly price."
"Michael McCant is a former bank robber who says he's gone \"legit\" by promoting up-and-coming rap musicians, but his millions are coming from investors who've given McCant their entire nest eggs. And Mark Anderson owns a fine wine storage business in California, but when clients discover their wine is missing, Anderson tries to conceal his crime with gasoline and a blowtorch, destroying more than $200 million dollars' worth of wine."
Season 8 - American Greed
"Joe Caronna sells bogus annuities, leaving investors burned and his wife dead."
"Commercial real estate investor Ed Okun is in love. At age 54, he finds himself drawn to a boat show model almost half his age and it seems he can't stop showering her with whatever her heart desires - jewels, cars, even a helicopter. To fund his love-induced multimillion dollar spending spree, Okun reaches into the accounts of clients who think he is protecting their money. But no, Ed Okun is taking their lifelong savings and pleasing his girlfriend."
"During the week, Rita Crundwell is a nine-to-five small town comptroller, but in her private time she builds an American quarter horse breeding program by siphoning more than $53 million from the town of Dixon, Illinois. And Staten Islander Joe Mazella says he can help friends and neighbors make money turning distressed properties into residential oases. But the $14 million he raises from police officers, fireman, and even the deaf community doesn't go into new buildings, it goes into Mazella's pocket."
"To the Houston community, J. David Salinas is a successful financial advisor, but when a loyal lieutenant betrays him, Salinas' world crumbles under the weight of a $39 million scam. And Eric \"Chicago Blaxican\" Jaglicic is a wannabe Chicago- area rapper with big dreams. But when his music ambitions stall, Jaglicic convinces a local businessman that he's got a new gig to collect $1.2 million from investors lured by promises of huge returns."
"For months a man known only as \"The Bishop\" has presented investment pros with a simple choice: make me rich or face my wrath. Can investigators find \"The Bishop\" before his get-rich scheme turns deadly? And thousands of kids in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania do time after juvenile court hearings that last just minutes. What they don't know is that two judges are getting rich off a secret deal to build the detention center where many of them are being sent."
"Is it possible to run a criminal empire out of City Hall? According to the feds, that's exactly what Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick does...extorting city contractors, abusing public funds, and turning the mayor's office into a cash- making machine."
"Russell Wasendorf Sr., former CEO of Peregrine Financial Group, confessed to robbing customers of more than $200 million."
"John and Daniel Sullivan rip off Chicago homeowners of millions in an elaborate home remodeling scheme, stealing equity out of homes after promising first-rate remodeling jobs. And Joseph Greenblatt tells Florida retirees that he owns fixer- uppers all around New York that they can invest in, with the promise of huge interest returns."
"Three friends rake in thousands, then millions, in an insider trading scheme that eludes authorities for almost 20 years. And Garry Souffrant's idyllic suburban life is exposed when authorities uncover his intricate scheme to provide homes for the dealers' drug money while he takes a big cut."
Season 9 - American Greed
"A coin collector and his brother start mail order coin businesses. They go bankrupt in 2008. After they're jailed, one plots murder of the judge and prosecutor."
"Claudio Osorio casts himself as a brilliant international business tycoon to scam big money and big names. This crook steals more than $40 million from investors and the US government through a bogus company and schemes to build homes for the poor."
"Stockbroker Jordan Belfort runs a sex, drugs and rock 'n roll brokerage firm. He pleads guilty to fraud and does jail time. After his release, Belfort gets a Hollywood makeover, but do his victims get justice?"
"Kevin Halligen, a private security contractor is a James Bond wannabe who spins lies to desperate clients only to boost his ego and feed his greed."
Season 10 - American Greed
"An Indianapolis attorney diverts settlement money that is supposed to go to his clients into a lavish lifestyle filled with fancy cars and houses. A Kentucky oil scam falls apart."
"A California fraudster scams investors, stealing millions and falsely promising to build a factory in the USA to make medical gloves that will provide high-paying jobs."
"A doctor bilks the government by treating healthy \"cancer\" patients\/\"The Second Hand Bandit\" and his cellmate plan a daring escape from Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center."
Season 11 - American Greed
"Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin exploits the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina by accepting bribes and corrupting the rebuilding efforts in the Big Easy. Nagin is accused of bilking the devastated city out of an estimated $500,000, taking expensive trips in private jets for him and his family, and orchestrating an exclusive granite contract for his son's company. He is convicted and is serving 10 years in federal prison."
"\"Nurse\" Tracey Lynn Garner gives illegal silicone injections to enhance clients' curves. When one patient dies, she's charged with murder facing life in prison. And, four people become paralyzed after receiving knockoff Botox Cosmetic injections to treat wrinkles. The poisonous potion is sold as a cheaper alternative to pump up profits."
"A sex trafficking ring comprised of violent pimps who exploit women enlists a Chicago dentist to launder their money, and in upstate New York an elderly rural bachelor is robbed of his valuable vintage comic books collection."
"In Brooklyn, a mother and son score $50 million in the Bay Medical Clinic scam that kicks back big bucks to patients. And, a new studio called Gigapix collects millions from would-be movie producers, but the only story they tell is a $21 million fraud."
"A clinic in Brooklyn pays kickbacks to \"patients\" for fake treatments and procedures, defrauding Medicare of $71M. And, Claiming to be the next Pixar, Gigapix lies to shareholders about $22.6M in raised funds."
"Luxury car salesman and reality TV star Bobby Khan is accused of pocketing car loans and selling cars that aren't his. And Paul Ceglia, who once hired Mark Zuckerberg, claims to own half of Facebook and says he has the contract to prove it. But is it legitimate?"
"With two yachts, his own private jet, and a lakeside mega-mansion, Darren Berg scams some of Seattle's savviest investors. And, New York socialite Dina Wein Reis bilks companies out of millions in a grey market selling scheme."
"Bill Mastro builds a multi-million dollar sports memorabilia empire by defrauding clients through the use of \"shill bidding\" and selling off fake items."
"A once-$100 million publishing fortune pits mother against son when he's accused of squandering millions on sex, diamonds, and fraud."
"The anonymous mastermind of the world's biggest online and underground drug bazaar calls himself the \"Dread Pirate Roberts.\" But in unmasking this criminal, will federal agents find that some of their own have been corrupted by greed?"
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