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Black Ink Crew

Enter the world of the "Black Ink Crew" and meet the girls and guys that run this black-owned and operated tattoo shop on 113th and Lennox, right in the heart of NYC's Harlem. The employees are a tight, but totally dysfunctional "family." For many...

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Season 1 - Black Ink Crew
"On the corner of 113th and Lennox, in the heart of Harlem, you'll find the Black Ink Crew and all of their crazy antics."
"Ceaser is fed up with O'S**t's unprofessionalism and makes a decision that will send the Black Ink Crew spinning out of control. Puma receives shocking news while at a strip club and is forced to consider the tough changes as a new father."
"In the wake of Sassy's dramatic departure, Ceaser is left to wonder if the joke, and Dutchess' attitude, have gone too far. Alex uncovers some scandalous information about Dutchess online...information that could ruin her reputation."
"The Black Ink Crew is heading to Vegas to be part of the biggest tattoo convention in the world. The trip is less than successful for the crew who half-ass their way through the convention, leaving Ceaser upset about the future of the shop."
"Post -Vegas, Ceaser is coming to terms with his feelings for Dutchess. Because of O'S**t's impressive performance in Vegas, Cease rewards him by putting him in charge of the shop while Cease is down South."
"While Dutchess and Ceaser hit the road for the Dirty South, O'S**t is left in charge of the shop. Black Ink is making more money that it has seen in ages. Down in North Carolina, Cease faces a guy's worst nightmare while meeting Dutchess's family."
"Ceaser and Dutchess cut their trip short to pick up O'S**t from \"The Barge,\" the New York City prison he has been locked up in for days. Alex and O'S**t face each other for the first time since the night he went to jail."
"When the Black Ink Crew decides to host a charity art show for local kids, Puma and Dutchess bump heads while planning the event. Ceaser sides with Dutchess, leaving the guys in the shop to question his loyalty and business sense."
"Dutchess reveals a secret to Ceaser that she has kept to herself for weeks. O'Shit's bail bondsman comes to the shop to see Shit for some serious business...a tattoo cover up. Puma shocks Sassy with some big news about him and Quanni."
"Dutchess makes a peace offering at the shop, apologizing for her bad behavior over the past few weeks and filling everyone in on her heart condition. Alex confides in her old tattoo artist about her frustrations with the crew at Black Ink."
Season 2 - Black Ink Crew
"When Dutchess tells Ceaser the news about Puma's new tattoo shop, he is shocked and hurt by his friend's betrayal. Ceaser tattoos Jadakiss, who gets him thinking about friendship and loyalty."
"When Dutchess and Ceaser are hours late for a photo shoot at the shop, the editor of the magazine rips them a new one. Both Ceaser and Dutchess are left to wonder how the stress of their relationship may be affecting their success."
"O'S**t reaches new \"baby mama\" heights when he reveals that he has yet another child on the way...and now has to break the news to his first baby mama, Kathy."
"In the wake of Dutchess and Ceaser's fight, Ceaser is left confused about their future together and escapes to Puma's bachelor party in Atlantic City."
"Now that Puma and Ceaser have resolved their differences, Puma decides to invite Ceaser to his wedding in Jamaica, but under one condition...he has to leave Dutchess at home."
"O'S**t's baby mamas, Coley and Kathy, face each other for the first time since that fateful, violent \"family meal.\" Ceaser is, once again, torn between his friends and his woman as Dutchess reacts negatively to not being invited to Puma's wedding."
"The crew are having the time of their lives in Jamaica but are shocked when Ceaser suddenly appears on the beach alone...with the news that he sent Dutchess packing!"
"O'S**t learns some unsettling information about his case. Dutchess makes a surprise appearance at Walt's baby shower where she tries to make amends with Puma. While Dutch is working late, Ceaser makes an unexpected decision."
Season 3 - Black Ink Crew
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Dutchess meets Quani for dinner and invites her to join her upcoming trip to Paris. But when Sassy stops by to say hi, she invites herself along. Ceaser and the crew celebrate the new shop renovations."
"Ceaser and the crew are flying high on the new renovations, but when it's time to say \"Bon voyage\" to Dutchess, Ceaser begins having second thoughts about his former flame. Sky tries to teach Ceaser a lesson in love, but when Sky goes to apply for her passport, she gets taught her own lesson...that you can't run from your past. O'S**t and baby mama #3, Anya, head to the hospital to welcome Baby Khody to the family."
"Ceaser takes Sky's advice to heart and decides to take a little trip across the globe to surprise Dutchess. While Ceaser and Dutchess spend time together in Paris, Quani tries to come to terms with her feelings about her husband, Puma. Walt, Ted, and O'S**t hold down the fort back in Harlem and get a visit from an old friend when Puma comes sniffing around to check out the new shop. Sky confronts her mother about her mysterious past, and learns new information about her biological father."
"Ceaser and Dutchess have returned from Paris as a couple and the crew wonders what this means for the future of the shop. Puma is shocked when O'S**t reveals that he's ready to get clipped! When the guys go to see Dr. Fisch, the good doctor questions O'S**t's promiscuous ways. Quani tells Puma that she wants a career and is pissed when Puma laughs it off. Just when it seems that Sky is beginning to take Bobbe seriously, Ted swoops in for the kill."
"In the aftermath of the chicken wing heard around the world, Ceaser reveals some news about Puma and Ink 124 to the crew. When O'S**t goes in for another routine visit to the bail bondsmen, he fails his drug test. The bail bondsmen present his options...Riker's or Rehab? Meanwhile, downtown, Puma has had enough of his \"Daddy Daughter Day,\" and shows up at Quani's job with Tamia."
"After going missing for a few days, Ceaser and Dutchess finally show up at the shop and Donna gives Ceaser a piece of her mind...until the boss man has had enough and reminds Donna who is in charge. Walt reunites with his long lost family and searches for answers about his past. O'S**t, still in rehab, receives the frightening news that Donna is going to meet up with Anya. When Donna and Anya meet up to talk, worlds collide, and a classy lunch becomes a hot mess."
"With Anya recovering in the hospital, O'S**t makes amends to fix his relationship. He calls Donna from rehab and tells her to go packing. Sassy decides it's time to finally introduce her new girlfriend to the crew over at Ink 124. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the news is spreading through the neighborhood like wildfire...Sky has been arrested and thrown in jail in Arizona."
"When Dutchess, Sky, and Ted realize that they will be leaving Arizona without Sky, who has been sentenced to two months in jail, Ted's true feelings come to light. Donna deals with backlash from the altercation with Anya, while O'S**t fights to stay sober. Puma's business partner, Med, plays mediator in an effort to squash the beef and bring the old friends back together."
"Sky gets the surprise of her life when she is freed from Tent City and finds Ted standing outside waiting for her. Ted sweeps Sky off of her feet and right back to Harlem, where the crew is ecstatic to see her. When Kathie shows up at the shop with DNA results in hand, Shit is forced to deal with the consequences of his past. Sassy takes a big step with DeeDee, while a liberated Sky works to rid her world, and her apartment, of any traces of Bobbe."
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"In the wake of Puma's devastating loss of Ink 124, Ceaser is called to meet with Med, who gives him the offer of a lifetime. Now, Ceaser finds himself torn between his inevitable and dreaded move to North Carolina, and the chance to run Harlem, the way he has always dreamed. Sky goes for a consultation with her doctor for her upcoming surgery and reveals some shocking news about her past."
"Donna is finally given her shot at tattooing, but struggles with her emotions over devastating news. Shit's new fling, Blue, comes in with a little stick that holds big news and has O Shit thinking about his future. Ceaser and Dutchess head to a spiritual advisor to find some clarity on their relationship, and Dutchess decides to head back to North Carolina...without Ceaser."
Season 4 - Black Ink Crew
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"A new tattoo artist is given the traditional Black Ink welcome\ufffd\ufffd_strippers and Hennessy! Things get even hotter when the girls head to Miami Beach for Sky's butt-lift surgery. Dutchess, fed up with Ceasar's baby mama drama, decides that Miami is a good time to let loose, but what transpires after a night at the club threatens to tear Ceaser and Dutchess apart."
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"Wanting to know the truth once and for all, Ceaser confronts his best friend O'Sh**t about rumors that he had sex with Dutchess. Fists fly and wigs are pulled after Donna refuses to pay Sky her portion of the hotel bill. Further uptown, Puma's life flashes before his eyes when bullets are fired directly in to Art2Ink."
"Now that the scars have healed and the bandages are off, Sky hosts a butt reveal party at the shop to show the world her new body! Ceaser stages a mediation as part of a last ditch effort to broker peace between Kathie and O'Sh*t. After hearing about the shooting at Art2Ink, Puma's mother-in-law goes on the warpath and demands that Puma close down his shop for good."
"Dutchess spends her last few days in NYC attempting to make amends with Donna. Kathie calls on her spirit guides to help her get revenge on O'Sh*t. And Sky's past comes back to haunt her just as she's starting a new chapter in her life."
"Concerned that Dutchess is manipulating Ceaser, Caesar's mom tries to derail their marriage. Sky takes her new body out for a test drive. After becoming suspicious, Donna confronts Max's ex and gets some information."
"As the birthday of one of the children she gave up for adoption approaches, Sky is forced to make a life-altering decision. Puma throws a sip-and-paint party at Art2Ink, but the celebration turns ugly when Alexis confronts Donna about her past with Naeem. When O'Sh*t blows off a client, Ceaser reaches his breaking point. And Rah Ali shows up to Black Ink for a tattoo, but Sky has other plans for her."
"The crew goes snow-tubing but fists fly when Donna shows up. O'Sh*t downward spirals and receives a grim warning by his doctor. Ceaser throws a party to celebrate the new shop on 125th street and O'Sh*t makes a decision that will change Black Ink forever."
Season 5 - Black Ink Crew
"The 113th shop is in shambles when a single Ceaser becomes more interested in chasing women. Donna receives a threatening phone call. Black Ink Atlanta's anniversary party turns into chaos. Dutchess delivers an explosive low blow to Sky."
"O'Sh*t returns to Harlem with a new name and a new flame. Ted transforms Ceaser's old office into a Boom Boom Room and hires a new tattoo artist. Ceaser's brand ambassador Kitty incites a brawl when she insults the 113th shop."
"Ceaser is forced to confront his employees after learning that Kitty was jumped. A rumor sends Young Bae into attack mode. Nikki finally agrees to let Richard work at 113th. Sky concocts a crazy plan to get Donna back."
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"Sky ends up with stitches when Tiffany confronts her about her attitude. Melody wants to return to Black Ink. Sky shares a closely guarded secret with Ceaser. Richard and Nikki's wedding celebration turns ugly."
"Walt tries to convince Richard to take care of his legal situation. Ceaser is shocked when Donna shows up at the shop wanting her job back. Dutchess comes home to NYC to celebrate her magazine cover."
"Ceaser is shocked when Dutchess leaves him. Sky asks her female co-workers for a very personal favor. Walt and Sky introduce Young Bae to online dating. Sky fears for her safety when a man from her past shows up at the shop."
"The crew takes Ceaser to Miami for some sun, sand and senoritas. Richard battles it out in court with Kathie over custody of their son. Dutchess receives a disturbing phone call that has her questioning her decision to leave NYC"
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"The crew tries to persuade Ceaser to reopen the shop. Dutchess returns to New York and makes a shocking discovery on Ceaser's computer. A friendsgiving celebration turns sour when Sky attacks Teddy about his behavior."
"As the crew heads to Puerto Rico, a massive screw up from Teddy threatens to derail the entire trip. Melody loses her cool when Lalo refuses to make the ultimate commitment. Ceaser and Dutchess finally come face to face."
"The crew parties on a boat off the coast of Puerto Rico but things get rocky when Ceaser exposes the truth about Nikki's past. Melody and Lalo commit their lives to each other. Dutchess makes an emotional plea to win Ceaser back."
"The crew celebrates the grand re-opening of Black Ink. Ted is on the defense as Melody makes a power play to become manager. O'Sh*t reveals shocking information about Nikki. Melody catches Ceaser in a compromising position."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
Season 6 - Black Ink Crew
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Teddy is on edge as his brother faces life in prison. Sky makes a phone call that will change her life forever. A letter from the IRS could mean financial ruin for Melody. A brawl breaks out at Black Ink when Donna's ex-husband's sister shows up."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"When $10,000 is stolen from the shop, Ceaser tasks Sky to find the culprit. Bae freaks out when Rob wants to take their relationship to the next level. And Melody has a break down when Donna publicly attacks her artistry and questions her character."
"Sky loses her cool when Ceaser puts her in charge of 113. Kevin musters the courage to come out to his homophobic father. After an STD scare, Ceaser is forced to break up with his side chicks. Donna's ex-roommate trashes her on the local news."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"The crew heads to Korea to find Bae's missing mom. Sky goes on the attack after hearing a rumor about Ted and Kitty. Bae fears the worst when the search for her mom hits a dead end. And Donna is shocked by the results of a pregnancy test."
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