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Flip or Flop

Tarek is a self-proclaimed real estate genius with determination and drive. Christina is Tarek's picture-perfect wife, who Tarek's friends still can't believe he landed. In each episode of "Flip or Flop", Tarek and Christina flip a new property....

Duration:21 mins

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Season 1 - Flip or Flop
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa buy a house and turns out a nightmare flip."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa rescue a Spanish home in a historic district."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa purchase a vandalized home in Anaheim Hills."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa gamble on a home that has water damage."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa buy a home and discover it needs an overhaul."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa invest in a 1920's bungalow with a studio."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa hope to flip a hilltop home with a view."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa remodel a home to mirror the one next door."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa buy a home at auction to flip for profit."
Season 2 - Flip or Flop
"With no foreclosures to flip in Orange County, Tarek and Christina broaden their search to include Los Angeles County and find a house with a view that looks promising. The only problem is that the home is too far away for them to look at it before they go to the auction, so they'll have to bid on the property sight unseen. After placing the winning bid, they meet their contractor at the house for a design walk-through. But listing photos aren't always what they appear, and the divide between initial perception and present reality has left Tarek and Christina in total..."
"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a listing in an upscale neighborhood of Whittier, California and although the home will need some serious updating from its original 1969 finishes, the renovation appears to be mostly cosmetic."
"Tarek and Christina find a bank-owned listing which has been on the market for less than 24 hrs and is only accepting offers until 5pm that same day. It's a house with great potential, so they make an offer and the bank accepts."
"Tarek and Christina find a short sale home listed in Whittier, CA that's rather small but the asking price looks enticing. Despite their rigid debt ceiling, they're convinced they can buy and rehab the home within a strict budget."
"Tarek and Christina spot a home listing online that's set for auction and based on neighborhood comps, the dirty and dated house looks like a bargain. By outward appearances, all it needs is an inexpensive cosmetic rehab."
"Tarek and Christina are contacted by a cash strapped flipper who needs to unload a project house. He's willing to sell the home in as is condition for $315,000 cash."
"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a short sale listing in Anaheim Hills that has just fallen out of escrow. The large home shows promise and with a heftier-than-usual price tag, Tarek and Christina will need financial help."
"Tarek and Christina find an intriguing short sale in desirable Torrance neighborhood. The exterior's in good shape and the comparable properties are a good value; but after touring the home, it's clear it needs a lot of work."
"Christina gets an e-mail from an agent with a listing in Hawthorne. The dated house needs work and while it's on a busy street near an airport and a noisy elementary school, it's the list price that draws in Tarek and Christina."
"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a home in Anaheim, CA, that's being offered as a quick sale with no inspections or contingencies. Seems like a great project, but with a tenant, they can't see inside before making an offer."
"Tarek and Christina come across a short sale listing in a desirable La Mirada, CA. Its price leaves a tighter profit margin than they would like, but the 1990s home is newer than the properties they typically buy."
"Tarek and Christina come across a trust sale listing in Buena Park, CA that looks very well-priced in comparison to recent sales in the area. After receiving a preliminary estimate, they're excited by the potential for profit."
"Tarek and Christina spot a listing that seems too good to be true and the house doesn't exactly match the potential it had in the listing. But even with a major surprise, Tarek and Christina still see an opportunity for profit."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa get a lead on a home in Long Beach, CA, that sounds like the kind of project that has become their standard. But soon after a walk-thru, it becomes clear that this flip is anything but standard."
Season 3 - Flip or Flop
"Tarek and Christina el Moussa come across a listing for a newer home in Yorba Linda, California that has great potential but has seen better days. The owner is motivated to sell quickly which could yield an enticing deal."
"Tarek and Christina el Moussa are contacted by their friend and fellow flipper, Jessie Rodriguez, who has purchased a craftsman style home in an historic area of Santa Ana, CA."
"Tarek and Christina el Moussa get a lead on a short sale property in Long Beach, CA that looks like a promising investment project, save for one small issue: the massive renovations the previous owners began are only partly finished."
"A small, neglected house in Garden Grove, CA, could hold rags or riches."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa spot an interesting property in Long Beach. It's a very small house and because the house is currently tenant-occupied, they will have to make their buying decision without inspecting the property."
"A dream flip in Garden Grove, California is in danger of going down the tubes."
"Tarek and Christina take a risk on flipping a historic home in Anaheim, California."
"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a trust sale property in Anaheim. It's in good shape and seems like a mostly cosmetic project with a lot of potential. But, they begin to wonder if this home has more potential than pitfalls."
"Tarek and Christina el Moussa find a clean house in good shape that's aggressively priced in comparison to comparable properties in the area. It appears as good as advertised. They quickly make an offer to snatch up this flip."
"Tarek and Christina are busier than ever with their growing business. As a result, when a fellow flipper contacts them about partnering on a house and he wants to split the time, money, and profit 50\/50, they are very interested."
"Tarek and Christina try to flip a little house on a large lot in Buena Park, California."
"Tarek and Christina El Moussa find a listing in Norwalk, California with such an attractive opportunity for profit based on comparable properties that they immediately make an offer on the property, sight unseen."
"Tarek and Christina el Moussa are contacted by friend and investor, Pete de Best. Pete has found a newer construction home in Orange, California that needs cosmetic updating and should prove to be a fast, simple flip."
"Tarek and Christina el Moussa get a lead on a small and outdated property in Downey, California that has potential to be a fast, cosmetic flip. Tarek believes the reward will outweigh the risk and they buy the property."
"Tarek and Christina spot a trust sale in Fullerton, California that could either spell treasure trove or money pit."
Season 4 - Flip or Flop
"Tarek and Christina spot a tenant-occupied home in rough shape in La Puente, CA. If they can get it for the right price, it could pay off big time. Can they right this sinking flip or could this home turn out to be wreck and ruin?"
"Tarek and Christina acquire a short sale in Anaheim, California, with a puzzling maze of barricaded windows and suspicious additions. They'll have to stay on budget to turn this tricky fun house into a functional family home."
"Tarek and Christina find a small home in a desirable neighborhood in Costa Mesa, CA. Can they transform this house from the worst on the block to the showpiece by the beach?"
"Tarek and Christina look into restoring a midcentury modern home in Costa Mesa, CA. It's more expensive than their usual projects and the renovation could get pricey. Can they turn a big-money profit from this big-money flip?"
"Tarek and Christina buy a home in Torrance, CA, with foundation issues. Torrance is an exploding market and the land value alone could make this flip worth the risk. Can they transform this difficult home and make a profit?"
"Tarek and Christina tackle a rundown and overgrown home in Chino, California. Recent area sales show potential for profit, but right away they uncover serious water damage. Will Tarek and Christina turn a profit on this flip?"
"Tarek and Christina scope out a house in Fullerton, CA, that shows some potential for profit. Will they be able to unpack this cramped floor plan or have they backed themselves into a corner on this boxed-in flip?"
"Tarek and Christina pair up with an investor to score a house in a gated neighborhood. Expensive flips can mean large returns, but they also take more time. Will they score their biggest profit yet or lose it all?"
"Tarek and Christina buy a property in Santa Ana, CA, that could be both a great entry-level family home and a profitable flip. It's clear this run-down home needs a lot of work. Can they bring the project in on time and on budget?"
"Tarek and Christina flip a mid-century home with a dream layout in Placentia, CA. Can they overcome surprises and setbacks to survive this frantic fiasco?"
"Tarek and Christina take on their most expensive flip in an upscale part of Yorba Linda, CA. Can they give this house the luxury treatment without busting their budget?"
"Tarek and Christina encounter hidden problems and untimely mistakes while renovating an old home in Santa Ana, California."
"Tarek and Christina head to La Habra, CA, to check out an enticing off-market listing. Can they transform this house into a dream home or could a nightmare renovation spell flop for this house of hidden horrors?"
"Tarek and Christina receive a call from their longtime friend Carlos, who needs some help flipping his family's house. Can they safely mix friendship and business to turn a profit on this family-friendly flip?"
Season 5 - Flip or Flop
"Tarek and Christina take on a Whittier, CA, home that would scare most buyers away, but as renovation begins, the expenses keep piling up. Will costly problems bring this house and their profit down to the studs?"
"Tarek and Christina buy a house sight unseen in La Palma, CA. Can they make a profit on a house with only the unknown lurking behind the front door?"
"Tarek and Christina buy a turn-of-the-century home in a historic Santa Ana, CA, neighborhood. Can Tarek and Christina handle the issues that come along with renovating an old home or will ancient issues come back to haunt them?"
"Tarek and Christina flip the worst home on the block in this Anaheim Hills neighborhood. With high profit margins in a desirable neighborhood, this should be a slam dunk. But will a the strict HOA hold up this communal flip?"
"Tarek and Christina get a hot tip on a great deal for a '60s single story home in Costa Mesa, CA. Once work starts on the home, they immediately run into big ticket issues. Will their profits burn up in this fire sale flip?"
"With Christina on bed rest, Tarek enlists his business partner to help him land a great deal on a run-down house in Corona, CA. Will these old friends be able to work together or will Christina's absence spell disaster?"
"Tarek and Christina get a good lead on home in Fullerton, CA, but upon arrival they see the house is riddled with cracks. Will they rebuild the foundation or watch as their profits disappear into this quicksand flip?"
"Tarek and Christina take on a much needed makeover on a house in Torrance, California, but they're concerned about its cracked foundation and walls."
Season 6 - Flip or Flop
"Tarek and Christina find a home in Torrance, CA, that's close to the ocean and several upscale beach communities. With a million dollar listing price in mind, can they keep a lid on their budget or will their profits wash away?"
"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a split-level home in Long Beach, California. Can Tarek and Christina create a backyard beauty by the beach, or could design woes push them over the edge of this split-level falls?"
"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a home in Riverside, CA, with a massive backyard. There's potential to make this the biggest backyard transformation ever, but it won't be cheap and they risk spending more than they can get back."
"Tarek and Christina find a large home in the desirable town of Cypress, CA. They know they can make money on this flip, but adding a pool could bring even bigger returns. Can they get top dollar or will hiccups dry up the profit?"
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Season 7 - Flip or Flop
"Tarek and Christina uncover some unpleasant surprises after buying a tenant-occupied home in Whittier, CA."
"Tarek and Christina get lead on a four-bedroom home with a strange layout in Garden Grove, CA."
"Tarek and Christina get a lead on a large and partially renovated home in Anaheim, CA. Is this house a flipper's dream home or are the structural issues the first of many problems to come?"
"Tarek and Christina attempt to pull off the perfect flip when they pick up a dirty but charming home in Garden Grove, CA."
"A seller is looking to offload a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Garden Grove, CA. The home already has an open floor plan, but an extra bedroom with an illegal permit might drain any potential profit."
Season 8 - Flip or Flop
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"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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