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Mama June: From Not to Hot

Mama June from Not to Hot is all about Mama June's dramatic transformation. "I'm a mama, a grandmama, and a BIG reality star — and now I'm ready for a BIG change," Mama June narrates as we see her strike various poses. But she's not just talking...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Mama June: From Not to Hot
"Mama June is blindsided by Sugar Bear's shocking engagement. And when a revenge diet fails and a hot date bails, June considers major surgery! The most dramatic total body transformation ever begins..."
"Mama June goes under the knife for her total body transformation. Disaster strikes when June drives blind on a blind date! When she cheats on her new workout program, June gets ambushed!"
"Mama June reveals shocking results with the help of new trainer, Kenya. Alana keeps a big secret from Mama. June finally meets Sugar Bear's fiance and it does not go well. At all."
"Sugar Bear's fiance Jennifer sabotages June's weight loss progress. June goes on a date with the biggest jerk ever! Mama's stress eating sparks surgery dilemma. June and Jennifer go to war over Alana!"
"Mama June must drop 15 pounds in two weeks! When her junk food stash is exposed, June has a meltdown and is pushed over the edge. Alana and Pumpkin vow to save her, even if it means they must diet too!"
"A surprise ambush gets June back on track to the most dramatic total body transformation ever! Jennifer drops a wedding bomb. At the final photo shoot reveal, Mama June is unrecognizable!"
"Sugar Bear re-invites June to his wedding; Jennifer goes ballistic! The big day descends into chaos as tornado warnings and June's arrival catch everyone by surprise. June's health takes a sudden turn."
"Mama June along with cast and crew go behind-the-scenes and reveal the biggest outtakes and exclusives from this season. June and Jennifer face off for the first time since the wedding. Sugar Bear unleashes rage in a shocking outburst."
Season 2 - Mama June: From Not to Hot
"Honey Boo Boo wants Mama June to enter a beauty pageant but June is focused on her new mystery man. Sugar Bear and Jennifer scheme to get more time with Alana and they'll do anything to get it."
"Mama is shocked by an unplanned pregnancy. Alana convinces June to start training for a beauty pageant despite her lack of talent. Sugar Bear and Jennifer hire a lawyer who encourages legal action against June."
"June and ex Sugar Bear face off at mediation! Jennifer schemes to get June out of her life for good while Josh gets the wrath of Mama. Pageant practice with Honey Boo Boo means gulping down go-go juice."
"Coach Honey Boo Boo is blindsided when Mama hires a new coach. Feeling neglected, Alana runs away! Jennifer plots to get a DNA test. Pumpkin secretly moves Josh into the house without Mama's permission."
"Alana runs away to Sugar Bear's house. Mama blows up when Josh's antics go too far and Pumpkin moves out. Jennifer spies on June's boyfriend. June faces a health emergency."
"June is rushed to the hospital to save her eye sight! A pregnant Pumpkin has a break down. Jennifer finally receives the DNA results. Is Alana really Sugar Bear's daughter?"
"June's eye surgery fails and panic strikes. Alana brings Sugar Bear to yoga to work on his temper but he blows up on Jennifer when he finds the hidden DNA results. Mama has a breakdown at Pumpkin's ultrasound."
"June undergoes another surgery to keep from going blind. Jennifer keeps a huge secret from Sugar Bear. Pumpkin is rushed into labor and June risks everything to be with her- despite her doctor's orders!"
"There's a new baby in town but also a sudden death in the family. June gains weight and can't fit in her pageant dress. Sugar Bear is shocked when he finally learns Jennifer's secret."
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