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Without a Trace

Without a Trace is a fast-paced procedural drama about the Missing Persons Squad of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The sole responsibility of the special task force is to find missing persons by applying advanced psychological profiling...

Duration:60 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Without a Trace
"A young successful marketing executive goes missing. Although her life seems full of happiness and achievement on the outside, the team learns she is actually living a sad and lonely life full of drugs, family issues, and failed relationships. Martin has a serious lapse in judgment on his first day on the job."
"Mr. Freedman gave his doted son Gabe a ticket to meet in the baseball stadium as an eleventh birthday present, but the knave never arrived. The model pupil was atypically distracted, and sold the ticket with profit to a scalper, joined a dubious gang and got into unprecedented trouble raiding a shop where the owner got badly hurt. After Martin Fitzgerald's brilliant work sifting tips from the mostly useless public to help work out Gabe wasn't abducted or running away but going somewhere, actually in search of his biological father, having found out he's adopted, ..."
"Emily Muller is kidnapped while shopping at the mall with her husband. The team discovers that all is not well in her marriage and that her husband may be hiding crucial details that could help find her."
"Aspiring model Eve Cleary goes missing but the team have trouble finding people who really knew her. During the course of the investigation, they discover that she has really gone missing twice, under two different identities."
"Andy Deaver, a student at the Spaulding Academy boarding school, goes missing after telling his mother he wanted to leave the school for good. Suspiscion instantly falls on head teacher Graham Spaulding, but the team have trouble pinning anything on him. Jack is forced to break the rules in a desperate attempt to save Andy's life."
"Patrick Kent, vice-president of a huge New York company owned by his father-in-law, disappears in an airport in San Diego. He is apparently intending to fly home to New York from a business trip he took on a regular basis, but the team uncover a secret life which may suggest that he never intended to return to his old one."
"Abby Buckman, the toddler daughter of an assistant district attorney, goes missing while in the park with her nanny. The team investigate every aspect of her parent's lives in a bid to uncover a motive for the disappearance, but they keep hitting a brick wall. After a red herring ransom call, they discover evidence that suggests Abby may not have been the real target of the kidnapper."
"Against his better judgment and to no avail, Jack appeals to press contact to publicize, as foster pa Mike Ray demanded, the disappearance from a colored ghetto of his alleged model foster teen William Hope. He got decent grades and worked in a diner, where he was bullied by white street gang scum. However he left a small fortune in cash with his incorrigible sister, whose home minder 'set it aside'. Martin and Danny work out William was picked up by a car with his criminal brother Aaron and dragged along in a petty robbery, which must have an angle, actually several ..."
"Dr. Anwar Samir, a third year resident at a New York hospital suddenly goes missing following a disagreement with his superior and the rejection of a proposal by his girlfriend. Given his Saudi Arabian background, almost inevitably suspicions arise of terrorist links. Witnesses and colleagues begin to question past \"suspicious\" behaviour, and disagreement manifests within the team itself as to the presumption of guilt as the Joint Terrorism Task Force also becomes increasingly involved."
"A father and his young daughter go missing on the way to school. While initially suspecting that the father has been having an affair, when the team digs further into his background, they discover nothing is what it seems with this man. His true identity and the reason behind the disappearance is not revealed until they locate his daughter."
"The mayor of a New York state countryside small town where people lock cars nor houses had to call the FBI for the disappearance of a teenage school girl last seen at the school bus stop. While the team learns about the close community, the victim's confident friend also goes missing. The MO fits similar cases in other inconspicuous places roughly on a line, so it's feared the work of a traveling serial pedophile."
"A pregnant woman goes missing suddenly from a hospital. Her marriage seems perfect but the team soon find themselves involved with an underground railroad for battered women."
"A man that has appeared a number of times asking for help to find his missing son, goes missing. Then when the team finds that he found a break in the case, they go after him, and maybe his son too..."
"Flight attendant Linda Schmidt goes missing after leaving her apartment, supposedly heading to the airport to catch a late flight. Evidence found in her abandoned car suggests she may have fallen victim to a serial killer, but all is not as it seems."
"Audrey Rose-Beckworth disappears on her wedding day. Evidence suggests that she has been abducted, but the team uncover a past tainted with drug abuse, and a one night stand prior to her wedding day. Somehow, everything relates to the groom's family, which whom she has a close connection, but the secrets run deep and family members are reluctant to reveal them."
"Mentally unstable teen Clare Metcalf goes missing from the institution where her father Lawrence , with whom she lived since her mother's death, had to place the impossible to control brat with suicidal tendencies. The team finds the institution desperately covers up as another scandal could see it closed."
"Bull Carver goes missing after a party held to mark his return to civilian life after retiring from the army. A grudge between Bull and his army buddies that goes back to a time when they were serving together abroad may be the cause of the missing man vanishing. Jack and his team must juggle the concept of military justice with their obligation to uncover the truth."
"A TV reporter goes missing shortly after filing a report with damaging information from an anonymous source about a suspected major drug dealer."
"A well-liked teacher who is eager to change the world disappears after teaching late at the high school where he works. As the team investigates, they soon discover he may have over-stepped his boundaries with a few of his students."
"A boxer vanishes moments before a fight that would've meant a big payout had he won. The team uncover a shady family background and a history of match-fixing involving the boxer's brother. Several people connected with the boxer seem to know more than they are telling."
"Jack finds himself at the center of an investigation into how missing persons cases have been handled, including such controversial cases as that of Graham Spaulding, the accused pedophile now on trial whose confession Jack may have coerced. As each squad member is interrogated by a representative from the Office of Professional Responsibility, a level of paranoia and distrust is established among them, leaving all of their professional futures in question."
"Jack and his team search for an office worker, Sydney Harrison, who disappeared from her building. Within hours of Sydney going missing, her employers receive a ransom note via e-mail demanding $50,000."
Season 2 - Without a Trace
"A bus full of students goes missing during the middle of its morning round. It becomes clear that the bus was hijacked. When it is finally located, it is empty save for one student who explains that the hijackers were two of his classmates who want a large ransom."
"A priest from a poor area of town goes missing after a car accident in the city. He needs to be found quickly because he is in need of a liver transplant, and a donor liver has just become available but can't wait for long."
"A recently engaged woman goes missing during her engagement party. However, the team discovers that her background is full of fraud and scams, which may be the reason for her disappearance."
"A talented and famous teenage violin performer, a Russian immigrant, goes missing. The team suspects her family, boyfriend or an apparently creepy fan."
"A suburban mother goes missing in broad daylight, similar to another case from years ago where Jack failed to save the victim. Graham Spalding copycats the case only to taunt Jack and seek revenge."
"A high school boy goes missing. His family, when interviewed, has no idea where he is and he does not seem like a runaway. When interviewing his friends, the team uncovers information about very wild parties that the students have been having, and suspect the boy's disappearance may have had something to do with an event at one of these parties."
"An unknown boy is seen being kidnapped and placed into an SUV in a neighborhood with a large population of undocumented immigrants. Despite no missing person report by the boy's family, the team is able to identify him as a local kid who, for one reason or another, had been desperately trying to get his hands on some money by exchanging cans and selling some of his belongings."
"A fire-fighter goes missing, just after a large fire in which one of his close friends, despite having been saved from death, ends up badly injured. Although he had told his wife he was heading home, the fire-fighter disappears on the way."
"A well-known doctor who had very little life outside of work disappears. It is revealed that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend and had purchased a gun for protection."
"A young man goes missing after attending his High School reunion. The team investigates and learns that his happy marriage may be a cover for a struggle with his sexual identity."
"A man who invests all of his time as a member of the paparazzi disappears after waiting around to get a shot of a professional basketball player. The team discovers that this man may have been trying to change his life for the better in order to help a radical environmental group."
"A young criminal defence lawyer working for legal aid goes missing, last seen in the middle of the night apparently running from people shooting after him. A quick bit of research and it is discovered he has recently been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, yet due to the nature of his work, the FBI isn't certain what he is imagining, and what is really wrong."
"A self-help guru is reported missing, but the team learns that he is not who he claims to be, and that he may have staged his own kidnapping as a publicity stunt."
"A former-cop-now-bounty-hunter is shot during a raid and disappears. The clues soon lead the team to a corrupt police conspiracy, and Jack takes matters into his own hands to save her."
"The FBI investigates the disappearance of Eric Miller, a middle school student who disappeared during a bathroom break. He was only away for about ten minutes, so either he or his suspected kidnappers may have known what would happen. The investigators learn that Eric had low self-esteem and saw himself as part of the loser crowd at school. When his friend tells Agent Johnson about a bullying incident and they also locate a surveillance video from a local arcade showing an older boy pushing him, they realize they may have something other than a kidnapping."
"For four years Vivian refused to give up on a dead-end case of a struggling sex addict who went missing. Her perseverance pays off when she receives a break in the case. The hunt for the young woman leads the team on a trail of addiction, abuse, and a strange cult."
"A soldier wounded in a firefight in Iraq returns home, only to find his life savings gone, his business closed, and the love of his life with another man. While Jack and Danny travel to Tikrit to investigate what really happened in the firefight, the rest of the team find that the desperate soldier is going to great lengths to get his old life back."
"A man disappears after leaving with the day's earnings from the hair salon run by his wife. He had been helping out there since quitting his job after getting into some trouble at work. The investigation discovers that he, his wife, and their 19 year old son had a history of problems and arguments that may have led to the disappearance. Meanwhile, Danny is reluctant to testify in favor of his convict brother at his parole hearing."
"A marine biology student is reported missing. The team first suspects the woman's boyfriend, but when new evidence of dead women in different cities points to the boyfriend's identical twin brother, the team struggles to discern which twin is really guilty."
"Martin's aunt, a nurse battling cancer, goes to visit a friend but never makes it there. Martin soon learns that his aunt had been assisting terminally ill patients in their suicides. Meanwhile, Jack must deal with his father's medical crisis."
"A man who had been fervently trying to prove his son innocent of a convenience store shooting goes missing just before the scheduled execution for this crime."
"A football coach who is known for his winning team disappears. The team learns that he recently had an attack of conscience, causing him to crack down on the players' academics and ethics. The team's suspect list is filled with suspended players, angry parents, and university administrators."
"An adopted young girl comes to the FBI claiming to have been kidnapped as an infant. The team must start from scratch to find out the truth about who the girl is and what happened to her."
"A billionaire's family is taken off their yacht at sea. At first the team suspects enemies of the businessman, but evidence soon shows that the kidnappers may be after the yacht, or what it contains."
Season 3 - Without a Trace
"A girl who recently went blind is kidnapped along with her mentor while the two are on a camping trip for the weekend. Martin and Samantha begin their office romance."
"A woman disappears from the side of the road and while the team searches for her, they make a startling discovery about her past."
"The Without a Trace team searches for a missing x-ray technician who has believed since childhood that he was abducted by aliens."
"The team investigates the disappearance of a wealthy family's newborn child and their nanny who was recently fired for stealing."
"The winner of an extreme plastic surgery makeover show disappears during a publicity event."
"A young, single mother who is struggling to make ends meet goes missing after dropping her son off at the babysitter. While the team struggles to find out what they can about the young woman's personal life, Sam feels the case is hitting very close to home. They soon learn of a drug smuggling gang and an ex-con who is connected to other unusually similar cases of missing women. The team plans to bust him on every charge possible, but at a very dangerous price."
"Sam volunteers to go undercover to bust a ruthless drug smuggling ring, which the team believes is directly connected to the disappearances and murders of different women. Sam's difficult past is revealed, and despite warnings to get out, she becomes dangerously involved in her undercover investigation, which quickly turns into a life-or-death hostage situation."
"An investigation into a case leads the team to previous suspects \"Doppelganger\" and their involvement into a missing girl from their teenage years."
"Jack and the team search for Peter Dusek, a wealthy, 72-year-old murder trial juror, whose disappearance could cause a mistrial. Although the agents initially suspect that the defendant may have orchestrated Peter's disappearance as a means of forcing a mistrial, they soon wonder if the juror disappeared of his own volition, since he tried to recuse himself with a note from his cardiologist the day after the defendant threatened a witness in the courtroom."
"As part of the child custody battle, Jack endures a lengthy, brutal deposition by his wife's divorce attorney, during which his wife, Maria, unexpectedly arrives. Maria's cutthroat lawyer uses Jack's childhood traumas, his past affair with Samantha and his dedication to his job against him."
"A teenage girl goes missing. The team discovers a secret from her mother - that she is pregnant and nearing her due date."
"A woman contacts the FBI when her brother disappears from prison. Prison authorities claim he escaped, but the sister suspects foul play since he was nearing parole."
"Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of a 12-year-old autistic boy who ran away during a class trip to a museum. His father, Daniel Norville, chaperoned the outing. Jack is suspicious of Daniel, who was seen yelling at the boy before he went missing."
"Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Rosie Diaz, a postal employee. When her truck is found abandoned and emptied of the $12,000 worth of video games Rosie was delivering, the team wonders whether she is a victim of foul play or a willing participant in the theft."
"Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Chelsea Prince, a 23-year-old society girl known for her constant partying and headline-grabbing escapades. Her badly beaten limousine driver recounts how the limo was ambushed and Chelsea was taken."
"Martin is wracked with guilt when he fails to prevent Mike (MASAM HOLDEN), a 12-year-old boy, from being dragged into a car outside of the boy's school. Encouraged by Martin's description of the kidnapper, Brian Stone (DYLAN BAKER - \"The Elizabeth Smart Story,\" \"Kinsey\"), and his vehicle, the team tries to ease Martin's anguish over failing to stop the boy's abduction, even though he jogged by Mike and the kidnapper just moments before the crime occurred."
"A successful real estate agent disappears and as the team searches for him, they uncover secrets of his life and ties to a brothel."
"Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Stephanie, a singer in a church choir. Stephanie's choir director informs the agents that the missing woman had been unusually emotional at the last choir practice and requested to perform a particular hymn on Sunday but then failed to show up to sing it."
"Vivian takes time off from work to deal with her health problems and tries to act brave before her family and colleagues. Her deeply concerned team members attempt to focus on their case of a missing psychic, Agnes (ALEXANDRA LYDON - \"24\")."
"When a 13-year-old girl goes missing after choosing to investigate the age-old murder of a different teenage girl - taking suspicion off of the original suspect and placing it on her own father instead - the team races against the clock to find out what happened to Daisy and if her father, who turns out not to be so innocent, truly plays a part in both his daughter's disappearance and of the murder of Amber Bryce, a years-ago unresolved case."
"The team helps Danny search for his missing, estranged brother, Rafael \"Rafi\" Alvarez (ALEX FERNANDEZ), a recovering drug addict and ex-convict who Danny grimly suspects may have lapsed into his illegal and destructive past habits."
"An old man estranged from his wife and two daughters goes missing after last being seen ready to jump from the roof of his building. Jack gets personally involved in the case and trying to find the man."
"As Vivian undergoes open-heart surgery, Jack and the team search for a missing woman who may be the innocent victim of an identity theft ring. But further investigation reveals that she is linked to international terrorists plotting the assassination of a foreign dignitary."
Season 4 - Without a Trace
"During an ambush, a hail of gunfire seriously wounds Martin and kills the FBI detainee that he and Danny were transporting."
"The team searches for missing 15-year-old Ryan Wallace who was obsessed with the safety of his school after losing a parent and watching the towers on 9\/11 fall. Martin and Vivian both return from medical leave. Jack seems to be feeling protective of his staff and loses his temper when Danny puts himself in the way of unnecessary harm."
"The team's newest member, FBI rookie Elena Delgado, formerly of the NYPD, encounters a learning curve as she attempts to help search for missing 20-year-old Dina Kingston."
"The backpack and ID of missing college coed Skye Petersen are suddenly dropped off at a thrift store seven years after Jack--and ultimately the legal system--determined she was murdered by her married professor with whom she'd just ended an affair."
"The team searches for 25-year-old Korean-American Wendy Kim (NICOLE BILDERBACK), who vanishes after a fight with her new boyfriend during her night shift at her parents' deli."
"Jack and Danny head to Mexico to find wealthy American vacationer James Costin who was abducted, at the request of James' mother-in-law. While Vivian, Sam, Martin and Elena work the case back in New York, Jack encounters resistance from the locals. The team soon becomes suspicious of James's wife Lucy Costin, convinced she knows more about her husband's disappearance than she is saying."
"When the team investigates the disappearance of a man, they find pictures of child pornography in his home office and on his computer - all of the same little girl. However, the man who initially appears to be a pedophile on the run quickly becomes a helpful aid with the good intent of finding this little girl who has been subjected to a life of human trafficking and child prostitution."
"This unique episode, told from the point of view of the missing person's parents, expresses the emotional anguish of the mother and father of a missing 15-year-old boy as the team does its best to find him."
"Jack's friend Max Cassidy vanishes after leaving a message on his wife Anne's voice-mail. While investigating, Jack realizes that Max was having an affair, and that he has got in much deeper into an espionage case than he should have following the murder of his partner, Jimmy, a man Max had felt was too green for undercover work. Both Jack and Ann fear the worst as the team try to find Max."
"While Jack tries to determine what to do about his increasingly frail and delusional father, Sam investigates an unidentified amnesiac woman in the mental ward of the hospital."
"The FBI investigates the disappearance of Cole Warren, an FDNY paramedic who was last seen at the hospital after delivering a wounded gang banger. Warren is good at his job and is highly respected. He's stayed in his neighborhood and takes dangerous calls. He was a gang banger himself at one point and managed to get out of that life. He's taken an interest in a young man with the potential to make something of himself and not fall into the spiral that leads so many to crime and violence. Warren's past however catches up with him anyway. Meanwhile, Malone has to deal ..."
"After therapist Gina Hill disappears, the team investigates and initially suspects that one of her patients may be involved. After discussions with Gina's fianc\u00c3\u00a9 and her own therapist, the team follows the trail of clues to a bartender named Vince with an unusual ability to get good women to do whatever he wants them to. Martin continues to struggle with his recovery."
"The agents investigate the disappearance of Claire Hunter, a prep school teacher who was last seen at her gym the previous evening. She'd had a confrontation with a man at the gym who claims to have seen her subsequently getting into a car. Claire was well respected at her school and always went the extra mile as far as the students went. She had just broken up with her boyfriend Pete a fireman but that proves to be a dead end. When one of her 15 year-old students runs off with her, they can't help but wonder is they're having a relationship. It proves to be far more ..."
"The FBI investigate the disappearance of Andy Reynolds who vanished after appearing in a police line-up in a rape case. He was released by the police but hasn't been seen since. The FBI learn that Andy had served 5 years in a military prison after confessing to to raping a young woman while stationed in Japan. Andy had a steady job working for another ex-Marine, Nelson Wolpert, but seems to have returned to Japan soon after the line-up. Jack Malone heads to Tokyo while the team in New York City continue the investigation. As they continue to gather evidence, the ..."
"Missing: one suburban housewife. Last seen arguing with a man outside of a Soho gallery. Husband more than a little worried."
"A young boy goes missing in a car-jacking. His father worked for a large drug company and would like to sort things out by himself."
"An agoraphobic journalist goes missing."
"A bike messenger goes missing. The team finds out that he is in fact only 15, not 18 as his employers thought. When delving into his family life, they find some quite disturbing information."
"The team members search for a pregnant, HIV-positive woman, Megan, who vanished moments after she and her husband saw the ultrasound of their healthy late-term fetus."
"A rich daddy's son, Breck Mulligan, disappears after his job at a shelter where he is doing community service to which he was sentenced. A surveillance tape shows that he was attacked and possibly abducted in front of the shelter."
"A 15-year-old ice-skating champion goes missing, two months after her elder brother died in a car accident. Suspicion is on her parents, who may be pressuring her to train harder and win, as well as fellow skaters who may be competitive, as well as an older man the skater was last seen with."
"A family - father, daughter and son - go inexplicably missing. The investigators find out from a school friend that the son witnessed something he shouldn't have."
"Two teenagers go missing at the same time - a black boy and a white girl. The team is faced with the difficult task of finding both teens, which is made incredibly difficult by all the media coverage given to the white teen."
"A former district attorney's ex-boyfriend opens fire on the FBI offices, and then takes a hostage, after being questioned as a suspect in her disappearance. Jack and the team investigate the reason for the disappearance while trying to find the suspect and his hostage before it is too late."
Season 5 - Without a Trace
"A boy says that his father has abducted a young child, but the investigation reveals that he may have been abducted too and that the man is not his father."
"A wife and mother secretly working as a stripper disappears, and one of her co-workers turns up dead. Elena takes a job there to investigate undercover, and Danny becomes one of her \"clients.\""
"The team searches for a 911 operator."
"A teenage girl's escape from a juvenile detention facility could be related to the fateful night that got her in trouble and her older sister whose life may be in jeopardy."
"An Albanian mobster's son disappears along with his mistress. Jack has a volatile past with the man, and hopes to use this as an opportunity to bust him for kidnapping."
"The disappearance of a Hurricane Katrina survivor now living in New York City is related to a mysterious gold watch and a tragic incident that took place during the rescues."
"A mentally disturbed woman after a priest performs an exorcism on her. Everyone suspects that she was having strange visions, but the investigation reveals that she may have witnessed a real murder."
"Jack goes undercover as a player at an illegal poker club in search of clues to a young member's disappearance. Then he is taken captive by a woman (Thompson) who believes he was hired to kill her."
"The disappearance of a social worker could be related to a bad decision he made that resulted in a young child's death."
"The disappearance of a dying woman desperate for a miraculous cure appears to be connected to a couple of con artists trying to take advantage of her."
"The disappearance of a teenage high school basketball star exposes the shady underside of college basketball recruiting, and Jack and Anne have to deal with her miscarriage."
"The disappearance of an air traffic controller appears to be connected to an undocumented plane crash involving drug traffickers."
"The investigation into the disappearance of a competitive eater turns up a reporter holding secrets about his past, a gambler trying to fix matches, and a prostitute and his dead pimp."
"An artist's disappearance is connected to a traumatic experience from her high school days that still haunts her."
"A water treatment plant supervisor disappears, and detectives discover that he is running from his old life in Arizona, where he may have been involved in a robbery and the disappearance of one of his friends."
"The team searches for a missing female tourist; when a thug abducts Elena's daughter from home, Jack quickly dispatches Danny and Martin to find her."
"A prominent congresswoman disappears on a boating trip, and is later found dead. The investigation suggests that it may be related to her vote on a controversial offshore drilling deal, but Jack is positive that her husband is involved."
"A fifteen-year-old girl who is living with her grandfather disappears after last being seen at an Internet Cafe. Samantha's estranged sister makes an unexpected visit."
"Sam's sister goes missing, so Sam decides to look for her without consulting with the rest of the team. Throughout her investigation, Sam's past unfolds."
"When a young, interracial boy goes missing, race and money appear to play the starring roles in the investigation."
"The team searches for a stuntman who went missing shortly after completing a dangerous, fiery stunt. They discover that he received a death threat minutes before he vanished from the film set."
"A divorce court judge goes missing, and the team finds a link to a woman from his past."
"A girl disappears on prom night. Meanwhile, investigators discover that her drug-addicted boyfriend, believed to have been dead for months, may still be alive."
"The team takes on the case of a teenage girl who disappears after joining a cult, while Elena and Carlos continue their custody battle for Sophie."
Season 6 - Without a Trace
"A Sudanese boy adopted by a high-profile New York couple disappears, and it is connected to a Sudanese man trying to extort the couple, claiming that he is the child's biological father."
"A crime scene cleaner and his daughter are missing, and the case is connected to the daughter's possible sexual assault, and her self-esteem issues about being considered overweight."
"A television reporter's disappearance is tied to her son's torture and death in a Guatemala prison. Jack is forced to bring in the CIA to help crack the case."
"A young woman disappears after her boyfriend is killed in a police shooting. Agents believe the disappearance is connected to the girl's brother, a notorious gang leader who had a falling-out with her."
"A woman disappears after an office shooting, but the case is tied to a custody battle and accusations of molestation."
"When a serial killer eludes capture in Nevada and escapes with his son to New York City, the crew picks up the trail with the help of Las Vegas CSI's Gil Grissom. Part two of a crossover with \"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.\""
"A college student disappears after his racist statements are posted on an Internet video site, but the case reveals a secret about the student's racial identity and his real father."
"Detectives investigate the appearance of an ultimate fighter, and Samantha tracks down her baby's father."
"While the team investigates the disappearance of an ex-con who served time for embezzlement, Agent Johnson gets a possible break in her case involving the kidnapping of a young woman."
"A missing department store Santa Claus turns out to be a brilliant mathematician who dropped out of college after having a crisis of conscience."
"The disappearance of a private investigator is connected to a foster child in his building that he was trying to help."
"The disappearance of a VA hospital worker takes an unexpected turn when the FBI discovers that she's part of a plot to blow up a military building on a college campus."
"Jack is shot and left for dead after he goes out on his own and follows a lead in Vivian's human sex slave trafficking case."
"While Jack fights for his life, the team takes on a case involving the disappearance of a teenage heart transplant recipient who was looking for information about the boy whose heart she received."
"A despised businessman who wakes up from a coma after three years disappears, and Jack leaves the hospital to come to the aid of a young girl in danger."
"The team discovers that a missing woman recently won $32 million in the lottery, but was it her ticket? Meanwhile, Jack begins investigating the father of Samantha's child."
"The team searches for a good Samaritan tow-truck driver who is running from and seeking redemption for a horrific episode from his past, and the bureau appoints Jack a psychiatrist."
"While the team searches for connections between a group of people abducted from a coffee shop, Jack is up for review and Samantha goes into labor."
Season 7 - Without a Trace
"A man whose daughter disappeared years earlier disappears himself while searching for another lost child. Meanwhile, Jack is relegated to desk duty as the new boss comes in."
"A designer is kidnapped, and the woman's boss, father, and lover are all persons of interest. Meanwhile, Jack contemplates a job offer from the private sector."
"Jack helps look for a white-collar criminal who has escaped from prison and may be tied to a multi-million dollar bank heist"
"A teenage boy's disappearance appears to be related to either his father's job busting counterfeiters for the government, or selling tests to classmates at his prep school."
"Agent Medina makes a controversial decision to take manpower away from a case involving a missing woman and move it to an Amber Alert case."
"A bank employee's disappearance is tied to $100,000 in stolen money and an unwanted pregnancy from the woman's past."
"While investigating the disappearance of a paraplegic man, the FBI discovers that an insurance fraud investigator was harassing him, and that he was involved with a group that busted sexual predators."
"Jack takes Samantha with him to Los Angeles to help investigate the disappearance of the COO of an airline charter business, but he also has an ulterior motive."
"A medical resident's disappearance is connected to two of her former foster brothers, who are in trouble with the mob."
"The disappearance of a mean spirited, self-centered weatherman who had recently tried to change his ways leads the FBI to a group of Civil War reenactors."
"A 13-year-old girl torn apart by her feuding parents over custody and visitation rights disappears hours after her mother kidnaps her."
"While the team investigates the disappearance of a struggling bar owner who recently discovered a \"weeping\" statue of St. Teresa, the biological father of Sam's son wants back into his life."
"Agent Delgado's former police partner goes missing after an undercover deal goes bad, but Delgado fails to inform Jack that she may have a connection to the real reason why she's missing."
"Two suburban wives are abducted by a mob enforcer. But which one is he after, and why?"
"What appears to be the disappearance of a college student becomes more complicated when the team discovers that the victim is an impostor with multiple identities."
"A mother and infant son disappear, but it turns out to be a fake kidnapping to protect them from a dangerous man from the father's past. But it turns out that a dangerous man from the mother's past puts the plan in jeopardy."
"The team discovers that a missing trial consultant who helps profile prospective jurors was killed because he was investigating jury tampering in a mob trial."
"A missing psychologist may have found evidence that his brother, a convicted serial rapist, is innocent."
"While the team investigates the disappearance of a Russian immigrant who was trying to bring her \"brother\" into the United States, Samantha recovers in the hospital from her automobile accident."
"The CEO of a failing ski supply company disappears after his plane crashes in the Pennsylvania woods, and the team thinks it's connected to his millionaire father. Meanwhile, Martin gets new disturbing news about his girlfriend."
"A journalist investigating a politician disappears. The team discovers that she checked herself into a mental health facility, but is she checking a source or having a breakdown of her own?"
"A young woman's kidnapping is accidentally recorded on a pirated DVD bought in Chinatown. The team discovers that it is connected to an ancient Chinese ritual that could result in the victim's death."
"Jack's daughter's boyfriend disappears soon after he moves from Chicago to New York to be with her. Samantha struggles with a complication in her home life, and Danny and Elena prepare for their wedding."
"A former diver disappears, and his girlfriend is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Jack's daughter wants to move back to Chicago, Sam must choose between Jack and Brian, and Danny and Elena plan to get married that evening."
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